Saturday, May 26, 2012

What's on tonight?

This question was posed to me recently: What am I watching?

I'll admit. I'm one who uses a monitor. I feel in this day and age of high page count and long work hours that anything that can help me go out quicker and less takes - I'm all for it. One can't always get close to the camera when there's two (or more) camera crammed against each other and assistants all over so, one feel a bit removed. The monitor really helps and I feel that I'm more "synergistic" with the operator.

Having the right tool for the job is more than ever important these days. One can't always get by with a little 3" Casio wireless anymore. It's a big decision whether to spend big bucks on something that you may not even get the kit rental on. I purchased last year a Marshall 7" HD monitor. Not top of the line, as I'm not pulling focus from it, but something that has reasonable brightness to see in the outdoors (with the help of a hood).

Are you using a monitor? And if so, what are you using?


The Grip Works said...

I have been using a Transvideo Rainbow for some years now. Unfortunately it is not HD. I am looking for a cheap one ... any leads ?

The Grip Works said...

And I do agree with you ... it is great for the Dolly Grip to have a monitor for reference. It beats the irritating guessing game about what the finger wagging means.

The only thing worse than that is the operator saying "Woof" to stop. My knuckles turn white !!

onno said...

It very depends on the situation: Most of the (cheaper) monitors do have a relay which can be very anoying and you are always a step behind. At the other hand it helps you to get a reference of the framing although I have to say that in the ancient time there where a lot of complicated and beautifull dollyshots accomplished wo monitor : - )

I will be at cinegear, anyone else going?

D said...

I use a monitor also in certain situations (overs, blind corners, etc.) I have to really guard myself against falling into the monitor trap of staring at it throughout a whole shot when I don't need it though, so I use it sparingly. I haven't upgraded to HD yet (too expensive) and I refuse to provide one for a production that won't rent it.