Saturday, January 28, 2012


  Once again I find myself in a hotel room somewhere midway across the country. My Dad and I are driving my two cars to Atlanta where we will meet my family and all our crap. Then, I start a show the following Monday (B camera again, but it pays and this move is cleaning me out). I turned down a ginormous show because I just couldn't swing it with the move so I'm taking whatever comes and grateful to have it. In other news, a tornado has once again struck my hometown and they are once again digging out. See my thoughts on that here.
   Our friend Sanjay is in LA at Chapman this week and once again I missed him by a day. Every time he shows up I leave. Sorry Sanjay, tell Shafi hi for me. The way Sanjay works, I'm sure he'll end up taking a Hydrascope back to India with him.
   I did some fun TV second unit and fill -in work over the last two weeks on three different shows, including a Hydrascope on a Titan. I truly believe I could make a decent living working four days a week doing second units for television. I just wouldn'y enjoy it much and my heart wouldn't be in it.  That's all I have for this disjointed excuse for a post. I drove for ten hours today and I'm wiped.


The Grip Works said...

Hey D !
I was sorry to miss you yet again, but it sounds like you were in the midst of mayhem.
Shafi was great !
I got a demo of the new 73 ft Hydrascope from Leonard Chapman himself. What a beast that crane is. Gorgeous!!
On a separate note ... you have got to stop turning down those jobs D !!!!!
Hopefully I will see you in Atlanta sometime soon ...

Araquenlin said...

I'm getting my first full time gig as second unit b dolly,... i'm glad that there is a place for me to start, and learn.