Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 2

 I haven't done really much of anything for two days. I've been going about this all wrong!

Day 1: A camera- Steadicam, B camera- One shot on hi hat. Shoot the breeze with A camera dolly grip. Get wedges for hi hat.

Day 2: A camera- Steadicam most of day. Two dolly shots. Help A camera dolly grip get and lay track. Shoot breeze with A camera dolly grip. B camera- Set up shot on sticks. Don't shoot it.

More to come. That is all.


Wick said...


Some days you the bear and some days the bear eats you. Enjoy it while it lasts, you'll be pushing a dolly uphill in the rain on a leaf-covered path before too long ;)


Wick said...

err... Some days you eat the bear, and so on.


GHB said...

I totally agree with Wick! Hahaha! And no matter what, it all pays the same!! I hope crafty is good!

The Grip Works said...

Good change of pace after the TV show I bet !! Enjoy it while you can !!

Anonymous said...

Hi D. Subscribed. Look forward to seeing more blog posts!