Sunday, February 06, 2011


  Dollygrippery would like to congratulate a few friends for their Lifetime Achievement Awards from the SOC last night! Frank Kay, who does a fantastic job with JL Fisher, David James, one of the finest stills photographers in the world, and Alan Disler, a great Focus Puller and always the funniest man on set. Although I don't often work directly with Fisher, I have spoken to Frank through email a few times. He has always been great and answered any questions or agreed to help in any way he could, even for someone who uses another dolly. Thanks Frank and congratulations! You earned it.
  I've done two movies with David as stills photographer and he is one of my favorite people. Soft spoken and cool under pressure, you would never know he's there until he walks up and hands you a picture that makes you look like a movie poster. I'm proud for you and your great family, David. Congratulations!
  I did a job with Alan a few years ago and he is one of the best. His prowess on the focus knob is exceeded only by his sense of humor. Congrats Alan!
  The Local 80 Grips won the Presidential Award and it was accepted by Russ Norstedt. The SOC was very appreciative of the role and skill of the Dolly Grip and his contributions. Congratulations Local 80!
  I've said many times that Camera Operators are some of my favorite people and I count several very good ones as friends. It's hard not to become friends with someone you spend that much time laughing with. Last night I had the opportunity to be in the room with some of the best and it was a pleasure to see many of you again (some literally a decade later.)  Here's to you!


GHB said...

Great post and I'd also like to add that this year's lifetime achievement award went to Mike Ferris. I've had the privilege of working with Mike on several projects. He's a phenomenal camera operator and an incredible person. He taught me more about pushing dolly than I ever learned from any other person. And always passed on the info like we were a team and we were working together to achieve the shot. A true class act. In addition, he is the subject of one of the best dolly gripping story moments of my career. I'll save it for when there's a story telling post on here and share it then. It's a classic. Congrats to all the operators, but particularly those that acknowledge the dolly grip as a partner and show us the respect we almost never get.

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