Saturday, September 18, 2010

People You Should Visit...

I'm a little short on time and inspiration this week, so I'm going to try and send some business to some friends. These are all companies owned and operated by Grips throughout the world. They've put themselves and their talent on the line to build successful businesses. Check 'em out.

The Gripworks. Sanjay Sami has built one of the largest Grip shops in Asia. If you need it, he can make it. And he's a helluva nice guy. Visit him at,

Grip411. If you need it, these guys know where to get it. Rick Davis has the info on anything grips use from clamps to cranes. Need answers? Visit

The Gentlemen Grips. I have been affiliated with these guys for almost my entire career, first as a hammer, then as a Dolly Grip. They're my family. Key Grip Alan Rawlins is one of the best in the business and can equip any size production. Check them out at

Solid Grip Systems. Onno Perdjic is a genius. Check out his Truss Dolly System and you'll know why. Visit them at

GI Track. Developed by Dolly grips for Dolly Grips, this innovative track system is generating a lot of interest. It's well thought out and extremely well-built. Check out Gil Forrester's company at


Azurgrip said...

Gil Forrester make another great track system. Visit him at:

D said...

Of course. I did this post last night while in a daze. Thanks for reminding me. I've fixed it.

Azurgrip said...

All good brother!

grip411 said...

thanks for the kudos...

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