Friday, January 22, 2010

Going Live

My background has been lodged firmly in feature film and television series - ok with commercials and music videos stuck in between.

I've been asked to work a live multi camera concert gig. It's working with a recording truck, director, headsets, etc.

I've never done anything like this before. Any suggestions? What should I be watchful for?


dgs1618 said...

i have done some big concerts this way...with the director on your headset screaming at you to grab a certain shot on the fly........
I love it actually.....nothing like swinging a 80' akela arm ( myself) over the fingertips pf 10,000 crazed fans. And yes...i had to go out into the crowd to pull panties off the hot head! It will be the most fun you will have being a dolly grip or crane operator!

chris said...

it is the perfect chance to show off your skills in front of thousands of people! seriously though, multi-camera gigs are a lot of fun even though you will get beat up a little bit.

to add on to the previous comment, I had my operator get goosed by a particularly grabby woman while pushing dolly for a live concert in Atlantic City about a year ago, funny stuff.

D said...

I've never done a live gig, but everyone I know who has has really liked it. Let us know how it goes.

Wick said...

Nothing beats live. Like dgs said. All you have to do is be perfect each time, on cue. Not too much to ask, right? Look for conflichts with wide shots, make sure you have noise cancelling mics on your headsets, make sure the Vision Mixer can be clearly heard. Don't look back, anything you don't nail will never be repeated and your next move is already looming. Make sure you have enough space for cable, make sure any cable help you have is aware and intelligent, and did I mention the headsets should be the best you can get your hands on? What's the gig, anyway?

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