Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Last Three Days

We're up to the last three days of the show, so the traditional Cutting Up of the Dance Floor for custom use has begun. Got a spot where your board is 3 inches too wide? Rip it!. There's something liberating about it. Where we used to do whatever we could to make the standard boards work (and they almost always did somehow), now we just custom build floors for whatever tight spot we find ourselves in. The whine of the tablesaw fills the stage with each new setup. We're also into some longer hours and six day weeks to try and finish before our lead actress goes back to her series. The B camera crew has become a second unit and a new B camera crew has come in. We've got two cranes working in various locales and I think a Technocrane coming in. It's been a great show, but I'm looking forward to it ending.
On another note, my track is awful. As I mentioned earlier, it's steel track and it's really badly made. The saving grace has been the Portaglides. They really take out the imperfections and once again, came through like a champ. (And no, I don't get anything for saying that. I don't think they even realize this site exists).
Thanks for all the great comments on the "Quirks" post. A lot of great tips were posted and that's what "Dollygrippery" is all about. I'll have some longer, more detailed posts after this craziness is over. Til then, keep the comments coming and stay tuned.
A quick hello to all my Dolly Grip brothers working here in Georgia. Dino,Tripper, Kelly, hope your shows are going well. GHB, Sorry we didn't have a chance to grab a beer while you were in town. Maybe we'll catch up back in LA.
I need some new pictures! Send me some! I'm going to put together a Flickr page of Dollygrippery photos of all of you in action when I get some down time so you can see them larger.


GHB said...

Good luck the last few days. It's always fun to start getting rid of everything and I also love the traditional ritual of everyone on the crew fighting over the left over dance floor pieces for use on the various house projects. The best is going to each other's houses and seeing all the masterfully crafted book shelves and cabinets and such...all made from old dance floor and planks. It's amazing what you can do with a router and a palm sander.

Well I hope to catch up with you back in L.A., too, my friend...safe travels and have a good one. I'll send some more pics soon...

Azurgrip said...

Had one boss who redid the floors of his farm house but also fought his wife to refinish the wood and just shelacked over the tape marks.

New cupboards anyone?

Amber Richardson said...

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