Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Video

Just a short note to inform you guys that the video bar has been updated. Onno sent a great clip of his Trussdolly working on a short film Really cool stuff so check it out. And keep the comments coming on the previous post too!


GHB said...

That video is cool. That rig and all that gear looks great and easy to use. Any of it in the U.S.?

Onno said...

Not yet for the filmindustry. A company on the eastcoast is using it for testing radar-equipment (not willing to rent)
I am preparing a shipment of some tracks for testing. Shall I include 3 pieces of BarTruss as well???

Andrew Dean said...

I'm a noob with a matthews dolly, so I ask this out of naivety, but wasn't that serious overkill for the shots achieved? Seems like the first shot would have been fine with one length of normal track, and the last with a simple jib. Don't get me wrong, I've lusted after the trussdolly for awhile now, but this didn't seem like the ideal application for it. Am I wrong?


Onno said...

Hello Andrew,
We wanted to make this shorty by just using the TrussDollySystem. So we "blocked" the shots with the TDS in mind..:-) The first shot had the intention to tilt down so the track would have been in shot. A Matthews with a jib arm could have done the trick as well, except that the footprint of the operator would have been visible.
The last shot in fact could have been done with a jibarm, no doubt about it, though this was more fun.
BTW the whole short was shot within the 7hours of available daylight. (no excuse, just a challenge!)

Good Luck,