Monday, September 01, 2008

Dolly Grip Makes Good

An old friend of mine who was a dolly grip for years is now an author. His new novel Based on the Movie (which I picked up at Borders) is a dolly grip's story.
I worked with Billy Taylor about 17 years ago when I was still a young hammer and he was an experienced Dolly Grip. He is a great guy and has written an interesting and enjoyable novel. It tells the story of Billy Conlon, a Dolly Grip whose wife has just left him for a hot young director. It very funnily chronicles his subsequent drunken binges and dependence on Xanax even as he finds himself having to save the disaster of a movie he's pushing dolly on when the same young director is brought in to finish it. You'll recognize a lot of the situations and appreciate a lot of the predicaments he finds himself in. Check it out.


Azurgrip said...

I just finished reading this hilarious book - on set - a rare thing for me, but this was a motion control commercial, so I was on the floor - and found myself laughing out loud too many time so I had to excuse myself to the package.

I had a alot of people come by and ask what I was reading, and told them, but felt that you wouldn't really get the meaning of the book unless you as / had worked as a grip, so it brought it even closer to home. I did however toss the Xmas tree out LONG ago...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The character's name in the book is Bobby Conlon not Billy.