Monday, November 26, 2007

The Mist

I went and saw "The Mist" yesterday and have to admit I really liked it. It was suspenseful and well shot (by the same guys that shoot "The Shield").The ending was shattering and though I won't spoil it, it will screw with you. The interesting thing about it is the conspicuous absence of music except toward the end. It really added to the documentary feel of the whole thing. It turned out to be one of those movies I wish I had worked on. Check it out.
I'd like to throw out a "get well soon" to frequent contributer "Azurgrip" who was injured pushing on one of those large studio blockbusters. It's nothing life threatening or anything, but our backs are our livelihood and to hurt it is always an ordeal. He'll be back behind the dolly in no time.


Anonymous said...

"The Mist" ? Really? I don't know D... I've been laughing at those trailers for a month.

D said...

Go see it, then write back. it's not what you think it is.