Monday, October 08, 2007

More About GI Track

I would like to thank David Erlichman in Toronto for giving me the heads up on the new GI track described in an earlier post. David has been very supportive of this blog and I'll have to talk him into guest posting sometime. Gil, from GI Track, recently contacted me and offered to let me try it out when I get back to LA. I'll give a review afterwards but it won't be until sometime in November (unless I get that job in South Carolina). If it's as good as I've heard ,I expect it to be a smooth ride. Anyway, you'll hear it first here. Thanks to Gil also and everyone at


Anonymous said...

very interested in GI user comments. i've seen the website but don't anyone who has used it.


D said...

Yeah, GI track, from what I understand, is mainly used in Canada at this point, though it seems to be making inroads in the States. When I get back to LA, I will set up a chance to try it out with Gil and see if I can get other interested dolly grips to come out. I'll announce it here first. Azurgrip hightly recommends it and I've talked to a couple of others who like it as well.

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