Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Links

Mr Erlichman has made me realize that I'm way behind on adding links to my page by sending me a bunch. These are for various companies in the industry that you may find helpful/ interesting. Someday when I get time, I will make this into an actual website with pictures and everything and then all of us sled dogs can join together in a band of brotherhood and form an association like the SOC, or ASC and have these little initials behind our credits and demand extravagantly high salaries and have banquets. Till then, keep the letters, tips, and encouragement coming. Thanks Dave, good stuff.


Anonymous said...

something like "D.G." might be cool after my usual "B.A." - Best Available

D said...

One of my friends said I could use "s.u.c" after mine. Those crazy guys.