Sunday, December 16, 2012

Just a little horn blowing. The trailer for the movie I was working on last winter has just been released (I think it's also running at the start of the Hobbit in the theatres).

Pacific Rim was an all time mind blowing experience to work on and looks like it will be in the theatres. Working with Guillermo Del Toro was a blast and a half!


  1. Holy crap that looks awesome! Good on you brother!

  2. The Grip Works1:28 AM

    That looks like fun !! Was Guillermo Navarro the DP ?

  3. Yep, G Navarro was the DP.

  4. He is a cool guy. I did a short film with him right after the 2 Guillermos did Pans Labyrinth .
    The film looks crazy ... they are very talented and work well together.