Saturday, November 05, 2011


  Well, it's been a while. I apologize for not checking in for a few weeks, but I've been dealing with real estate stuff, one year old's birthdays, and work. The show is going well and I'm really enjoying B camera and not having to be there every second. I think of myself as Eddie Van Halen's guitar tech. I make sure the rock star has everything set up to put on a show. I can play, but I prefer to remain in the background. I'll have a topical post soon, but right now I can't really think of anything to post on. Ideas anyone?

PS -Because I've been slack lately, my domain name registration may have expired. If the site goes dark, nothing's wrong, I'll be back.


  1. Hi Darryl,
    Good to see you're still around :-)

    I will think on any topics.

    Stay well,


  2. hi onno. Yeah I'm still here. I'll send you an email soon explaining what's going on. No worries!