Saturday, June 11, 2011

Misc viewings

During my hiatus this week, my wife and I had a bit of a "Date" afternoon and went and saw "X-Men: First Class". I won't go into a review here, but I quite liked it and my wife even more.

Having worked on a picture of that scale, a huge tip of the hat to all the dolly grips from around the world who worked on the project - ya did great and should be proud!

Has anyone attended any of the Local 80 (LA)'s dolly grip's course? Did anyone go to JL Fisher's open house? If so. could you please write us and tell us about it. Some of us who can't make these shows would like to know! Thanks!

On another note, my local Blockbuster movie rental place closed down. This is something that's happened in the US and Canada. I am heartbroken by this, as I've always gone out of my way to rent the full movie disc so I can see the "extra features" - especially the behind the scenes footage! This is something that has been totally left behind by most video on demand services. I don't really want to have to buy these movies, as I don't have the space to store, nor want to spend the money on something that'll I watch once. Is searching "behind the scenes" on YouTube going to be my only alternative?


  1. Check your Public Library, mine has a decent selection of DVD's to fill the "Behind the Scenes" cravings. Of course, if they're really good extras, it gets put on my list of Movies to purchase.

  2. Yeah, the library is a good source if you've got the time -- otherwise, sign up with Netflix, which carries (and delivers to your door) just about anything you want to see. It works for me.

    Glad you finally got a breather, brother...

  3. Hey D, thanks for the nod on X-Men. Local 80 brother Ric Griffin and I were the only two dolly grips amongst 5 cameras on the beach here in Georgia on 2nd Unit. Our local didn't really step up and most local brothers and sisters ended up sacrificing (some money) to work on it, but we all learned a lesson and now have a great title on our resumes. Glad to hear you're returning to Atlanta. Blog on.

  4. Good to hear from you Danny. Glad you're doing well and working on the big shows. We've all (well, many of us, me included) taken or stayed on crappy jobs just to get the credit. It's just something you do till you learn your lesson. See you soon.

  5. Thanks Mike, Thanks Hugo.