Sunday, September 19, 2010

What Supports You?

Pure and simple - we're on our feet all day. We aren't lucky enough to be able to come to set and plunk our set chair in a nice in the way spot and set up our magazines. We are running up and down stairs and gravel driveways - trying to find grip to start the 200ft running in parallel or Flintstoning a stop in an office hallway. I always feel it trying to do crane lock offs while trying not to move my feet from their planted spots.

I'm starting a new show this week and am trying to get into the tradition of purchasing new shoes with the start of each new show.

Generally I go through 3 - 5 pairs of runners a year. I'm a stickler. I've got wideish feet, so I've had to stay with a brand that I can get a 4E width. I've been wearing New Balance's 600 series for years. They're reasonable in price depending on where you shop. While I was waiting for the salesperson to return, I started looking around at other options (the buy one, 50% off the second pair was also tickling my wallet). I like the Merrell's, but once again, I get into an issue with finding my size and width - I've stopped wearing Nikes and Reeboks because of lack of widths - forcing me to buy larger sizes than I need (think Clown Shoes…).

Just in the last year, I've also come over to the Blunnie side. I finally plunked down the cash for a pair of Blundstones last year and have slowly been working my feet into them. I find depending on the store, the folks that sell Blundstone are a different breed of salespeople. Mind you, for the price I'd hope so, but it makes the purchase of the boot a lot easier on the pocket book, but they really want to see you happy wearing Blunnies and will do most anything to help - cleaning, stretching, footboards, etc.

All this opens another door to posture - the right shoe can go a long way to help with back trouble. Wrong shoe and you'll be in pain everyday.

What are you wearing to set?


  1. I have struggled for years to find the right shoes. I destroy Reebok and Nikes in no time at all. Adidas seems to last a bit longer.
    Last year I discovered Merrells. They are very comfortable to work in (not sure which model I'm using) and are quite rasonably priced.
    What are Blundstones ? Never heard of the brand. Is it available only in the US ?
    Love to hear about any brand that people are really happy with.

  2. Anonymous2:23 PM

    I prefer to use Etnies, Es or Emerica skateboard shoes. They are pretty technical in design. Very sturdy uppers with plenty of impact protection in the midsole. The soles are flat giving a nice stable platform starting a roundhouse kick to the head of anyone objectionable. Also good for not rolling your ankle.

    I always buy them super tight as they will stretch a little bit. The tongue and ankle padding will form to my foot.

  3. Blundstones are an Australian pull on boot. I wear the 409 model. You can even get them with steel toe!

  4. I wear Nike but their cross training shoes on set. I tend to stand on the balls of my feet and have skinny feet so it works well for me.

  5. I wear New Balance as a holdover from my running days (I hope to get back into it soon). The 737's are flexible and last forever and really seem to 'hug" the surface of the ground. Don't drop a sideboard on them though because protection is nil. I also have a pair of football cleats for outdoor sports scenes.

  6. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Ecco Boots. Always boots they are water proof, protect your feet and you never know when you have to coax a piece of track or dance floor with your foot

  7. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Some years back I made the investment in 3/4 length hard custom orthotics. Marathon-running podiatrist built them for me. I think they were $300 all told. Foot molds and inserts. Best $$$ I spent. They drop into 95% of my shoes. Better balance, better support, less back pain, less chance of injury. Zero knee problems.

    I get the same support on hot days in my running shoes and cold days in insulated boots.

  8. I have been a big Keen fan for over 5 years. The rubber cap is perfect for kicking those chapman brakes open. They feel great right out of the box with no break in time. I have tried the Merrels, and feel their quality has gone down, they seem to fall apart in just a few months.

  9. Steel toe Carolina boots with a super comfy soul. They look big and bulky, but they are really supportive and protective.

  10. Finnish army leather boots. Works perfectly inside and outside and because there is no gore-tex or similar those really breaths. In my opinion army boots are absolytely the best shoes. And I've tried many other kind of shoes, too.

  11. You might see if Oregon Aero carries their ShockBlockers in extra-wide. Personally I like my Magnum Stealth boots, while I'm a 3E, they seem plenty wide,

  12. Danworx2:26 AM

    Vans, since my Skateboarding Days I wear them.
    For work I rely on newer Models, the oldschools wear down to fast!
    Right now I wear a Pair of Giniss wich hold up very well!

    Greetz danworx

  13. I carry 3 pairs of Meindl shoes in my truck. One pair for interiors and studio floors, one pair for exteriors and one pair for the heavy duty jobs on rough terrain, a Class C hikers boot with terrific support. Before is started wearing Meindl i always walked on sneakers but once you´ve weared them on set you never go back and its really worth the investment. I most like the sneaker version of Meindl, Walks very comfy and they are super light weighted!

  14. blundies are my fave a good tough boot.Merrells are my choice for a good sneaker.Get 2 pairs and cHange your shoes at lunch,it makes a huge differance.For sensitive indoor locations I use a pair of crocs i got as a xmas gift,booties are just too slippery.and I wouldn't be caught dead wearing crocs in public.

  15. James Davis8:11 AM

    Another vote for Meindl shoes here, I splashed out on custom orthotics a few years back, these combined with meindl's superb build quality, superb support, is just a win win situation. It's a pricey option but you really will never go back to anything else once you have tried them, they are that good, plus the inner soles should last you a good few years too.