Thursday, September 02, 2010

SuperTechno 100

Our friend Ian sent us pictures of the new 100' Technocrane being tested in Germany. Thanks to the guys at Supertechno for permission to post them.


  1. Looks like it's at the factory in Pilsen, in the Czech Republic. Hopefully they'll bring it to the Cinec!

  2. Wow !! Cant imaagine youd be able to use that without a stabilised head.
    Wick - I'll see you at Cinec. I'm staying 2 nights in Munich with Armin from GFM.

  3. OH MY GOD....

    As much as I enjoy using the Technos... every ounce in my boday just screams "RUN AWAY" when I see this. Let's pray that that is not the base they intend to use. And that's just the start.

  4. they told me it should be on show at cinec and yes that is the factory in the czech republic.
    the base is a st50 base purely for testing, the final base will be huge! and pretty trick from what i hear.

  5. Horst sent the line drawing for it a couple of years ago (I think I posted it here?). I still haven't been able to wrap my head around it. Just being able to move the mass required to counter balance, never mind the top height of 27'.

  6. Dave, don't worry about your muscles ... the forklift comes with the ST100 for panning and tilting. The grip just drives around with the arm cradled on the forks :-)

  7. WOW again! I am very impresses, never thought that it would have come of the drawing table! Saw the drawings a year ago on here and was flabbergasted with the figures...

    I will be at Cinec as well exhibiting and surely spend some time to observe this huge machine!

    (btw: the last floorplan I have seen only shows 6 by 8 meters interiour and 10 by 5 meters exteriour, hopefully it doesnt rain...)

    Anyone reading this please drop by on my booth at IIa3, Solid Grip Systems and say hello, I'd like to put the names to the faces :-)

    good luck,


  8. Saw the crane yesterday. It's huge - "Cranezilla" - and has some bugs that need to be worked out but nothing too dramatic. I think this will be a regular tool for film work pretty quickly, but I doubt it can be used over audiences (for example at concerts) since it's being controlled by long ropes at each end of the main body section. I'll upload some pictures once the Cinec wraps up.

    Congratulations to Horst, Martin and the Technocrane team!

  9. Wick - Please. If need be, upload them to my email and I'll post them here.

  10. I have some photos of ST 100 from Cinec 2010 and from testing in Pilsen before the exhibition if anybody interested. Doesn't found an email to "D" or Azurgrip on blogger.

    controlling the crane with ropes is temporary solution, there will be a tubes on the back of the crane (like on 50') automatically sliding in dependency of crane arm angle to the ground.

    Any informations without guarantee.

  11. Hi Technocrane. Thanks for visiting and we would of course love any pics. Our email is "dollygrippery at gmail dot com."