Monday, May 03, 2010

Show Wrap-up

I'm back and all went well. A lot of free form work on this job and the operator pretty much let me have my head on this one. He would usually say, "Just do what you think is right" and it all worked out. A real pleasurable way to work. I must make mention of the increasing scarcity of decent Birch for plywood. We paid 90.00 a sheet for the best we could find- assured by the lumber company that it was the best available. Within two weeks it was cupping, bowing, chipping and warping. We made it through, but probably couldn't have gotten much more out of it. Someone has to come up with an alternative to Birch. Maybe some kind of fiberglass or plastic 3/4" sheets that interlock to make a decent surface that won't warp. It would be a big initial investment but would last for years and eventually make money in rentals. Let's investigate. Anyway, thanks for staying tuned during my frequent absences. We are planning some cool things in the future when we can get time to make them happen.
  Don't forget the JL Fisher Open House and Barbecue in two weeks, Saturday May 15th at Fisher in Burbank. As it turns out, I probably will make it and hope to give a full report. I'll be wearing the "Dollygrippery" nametag so please say "Hi" if you're a reader. I'll also take any suggestions for future posts or activities. Please visit the Fisher website for directions and info. It's always a great time to meet old friends and learn about what's going on in the Dolly Grip world.

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  1. Check out Highway hdo plywood.
    It is used for roadsigns very stable,expensive but will last for years.

  2. Anonymous3:58 PM

    I've been told recently that (at least where I'm at on the East Coast), a large percentage of lumber dealers (specifically Georgia Pacific) import their birch plywood from Chile. Due to the earthquake there, there's been a backlog in shipping so most places are left with crappier stock for the time being.

    Not sure if this is a nationwide thing though.

  3. Yeah I was on the East Coast for the last two shows and could not get decent lumber. On the West coast, we've found that Baltic Birch is sturdy and true, but weighs a ton and is expensive. But we got two seasons out of it.

  4. Will check out the Highway. Thanks

  5. I did a movie up in Portland and got some of the best wood i have ever seen! Great clear planks and amazing birch....i hate to even pull it out! i want it to last a long time!

  6. Hy Guys,

    I dont know if you have this kind of lumber in the US but i like the 'Betonplex' very much. I even dont know how you call this in English but i do have a picture of it: Its like Baltic Birch but then with a top finish wich is very smooth on one side and anti-slip on the other side. Its very strong and waterproof timber.



  7. I agree. The lumber we get these days is crap compared to what we used to get as little as five years ago. I destroyed an entire package of wood in four months on a mostly hand-held show. It just doesn't hold up at all. I've been brainstorming with some friends about an alternative but the things we think of are always way too heavy to be practical. The search continues...

  8. Anonymous9:54 PM

    I used something that the grips called black top on one show. Basically 3/4" black plastic. It was laid on top of the plywood.

  9. Anonymous9:14 PM

    We've been using lots of 1/8" and 1/4" Sintra plastic sheet, on top of a regular 3/4" ply base for the last few years, and it works great. The stuff is pretty much bullet proof, stays smooth, and keeps a good edge.