Thursday, December 24, 2009

This Week's Television Dolly Award Goes To....

The Middle. I watched this show kind of by accident and, aside from it being an enjoyable show, immediately noticed that the dolly was in the hands of  someone who knows what they're doing. Booms without topping out, really nice parallels with actors, and a steady hand. Normally, I wouldn't notice on a show like this (kind of a single camera sitcom in the vein  of  Malcolm in the Middle, although the work on Malcolm was also stellar) but it stuck out immediately as the work of someone who knows their business. IMDB lists Mark Pickens, a veteran Dolly Grip as the pusher. Nice work, Mark.

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  1. doppelgänger?!8:07 AM

    It's pretty great how grievously insulting the premise of this piece of work is intended to be, while equally impressive beyond measure. Referencing is on point. I don't know what is appropriate to say and what is not, I am not sure what has happened. I know I have probably hurt the feelings of some people in my community, I don't want to hurt anyone. I don't really know what has been happening, I have embarrassed myself in a stupor of self gratifying behaviour that should only ever be reserved for very private times. You didn't have to watch it though.. I doubt it was remotely flattering which is the least of my concerns but self confidence isn't my defining attribute at the moment.