Thursday, July 09, 2009

Chapman on Science Channel Tonight

Just a quick note. Tonight at 10:00pm Eastern (7 Pacific of course) the Science Channel visits Chapman/Leonard and learns about the science of camera dollies. It may be at the end since the main part of the show is about special effects I believe. Check it out.


  1. If you missed the Science Channel show tonight you missed a really cool segment on Dolly Grips featuring my pal Danny Pershing. He did great!

  2. Are they replaying the show on their website?

  3. D: Thanks a lot for watching and blogging about the show. You guys have a really fun job -- and difficult! I had a blast giving it a try, but I'll stick to hosting...

    Azurgrip: The episode will replay throughout the week, you can go here to check the schedule:

    It's the episode called "Magic of Henson." No plans to stream online, sorry.



  4. I'll try to watch for it here, but we don't get the "science channel" here in Canada (atleast not with the cable provider that's I'm stuck with right now). I was hoping it would end up on YouTube or the science channel would run it on their own website.