Thursday, July 24, 2008

2nd Unit Cont'd....

30' Techno, 50' Techno, 3 cameras, 300 extras. But it went really well.


  1. Anonymous3:48 PM

    pictures of that would be stellar, if you have them.

  2. I would, normally without a second thought. The start paperwork on this show, however, was a half-inch thick stack of security warnings and confidenciality agreements and warnings about cameraphones. It's also early in the show and I don't know any of these people.

  3. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Where are you shooting?


  4. Anonymous8:59 PM

    hi guys

    sorry to leave this message on this post but if you are like me you only read the last thing posted some dolly grips might have a short attention span.

    any way i am thinking of purchasing speedwheels from modern studio what do you think

  5. Hi Anonymous, Personally, I don't like the Moderns. It's not the skates over all, it's the flat spots.. They may have overcome this in the last couple of years, I don't know. I do know that a couple of years ago, my key bought a set of Moderns and they promised him they wouldn't flatten.... guess what? Flat spots. I use Porta-glides that I've had for a couple of years and I love them. Never a flat spot and they've held up well on several features in harsh locations. Take a look at (No, Porta jib isn't giving me anything, I just love the wheels). Otherwise, a lot of dolly grips use Moderns every day and think they're great. I would check out different sets first, though.

  6. Hi DW, We're at Sony.

  7. Anonymous4:35 PM

    regarding the modern skate wheels, they make a set with soft wheels that gets flat spots very quickly if the dolly sits still, and a harder set that still gets flat spots but not as quickly. if i were investing in a new personal set i think the porta-glides are the way to go; willy's widgets makes a nice set as well

  8. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Sony in NYC?

  9. When I emailed with Losmandy this spring, they told me they were redesigning the Porta Glides and didn't know when they would be ready.

  10. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Personally, I'd like to see a combination of Losmandy's 2-sized wheels and Fisher's articulating clear-gel wheels. I think that these two great ideas put together would make a great set of skate wheels.


  11. Anonymous2:26 PM

    he Guys,

    regarding the "modern-slider" wheels, a and all other wheels and their specs. I have been doing tests from 78a grade til 98a grade hardness in all kind of ways.

    SOFT Wheels can be very smooth for uneven bumpey tracks, they take up the vibrations and make no noise. They have flat spots after a while and needs to be exchanged often since the sand will be swallowed by the soft layer. Their softness although makes it possible to have a tolerance of approx. 2mm in you track-gauge.

    The hard-wheels do make sound, catch-up dust and dirt very easily in a recognizable way, but will have no flat spots. with some maintainence you can use them on a very long base.

    If you have the ability to make a line up in your rigs with a combination of hard and softwheels it is mostly recommended... The flat bumps on the softwheels will be taken over by the sound of the hard wheels untill the softwheels are straighten out.

    No native english speaker but hopefully understandable.

    Good Luck,


  12. Dw- we are at Sony in LA.
    Onno- Thanks for the info from your tests,