Sunday, October 07, 2007


I'm curious if anyone out there has used the (relatively) new Hydrascope extendable crane from Chapman. I haven't yet, although I have gone by Chapman and looked at it. If it works as well as it looks, it has to be one sweet arm and should give the Technocrane some serious competition. One interesting note: the guys at Chapman told me that they submerged one in a swimming pool for several hours, moving it underwater and it worked like a champ. Anyone used one? David? Anyone?


  1. Just wanted to say "Hello" and I like your blog.

    d Humber, at Cinematography dot net posted a link.

    Great stuff.



  2. Thanks man! Drop by anytime!

  3. Anonymous7:56 AM

    No, I haven't had the chance to use it yet, as Chapman is keeping a tight reign on them and not shipping them outside of LA just yet (or until they make more).

    Are there any MovieBirds ( in LA?

  4. Not that I've heard of, I'll check into it.

  5. Hey thanks for stopping by.
    Interesting stuff

  6. Anonymous10:40 AM

    if you want feedback from a tech, ask jeff comfort @ chapman, or if you want feedback from a dolly grip with quite a bit of experience with the hydrascope on "charlie wilson's war" ask jim wickman.

  7. there is one 32ft hydrascope in the u.k its been on harry potter, prime evil and the feedback is that it a phonomenal piece of equipment, the pluses are faster, slower,waterproof, and the nose load is 235lbs, its silent, and the post raises 8ft, no need for rain covers, works off one 30 volt battery ( and what more do u want? ) coz there is lots it can do

  8. Thanks for the info, Paul. I still haven't used it (I was supposed to a month ago when my show went on location in another state for a week, but I decided not to go) I'm glad they worked out the kinks. Stay in touch.

  9. thats ok, if u would like anymore info on the crane let me know,
    and i can send u some pics and info on the crane,