Friday, July 12, 2013

Dolly Talk

I had a brief phone conversation with my co-blogger, Azurgrip today. Of course, you try not to talk shop in these conversations. But, as always, like when you're in the bar at the end of the day, it always comes back to the work. My colleague is a Hybrid 3 user, like so many guys are. I also love the Hybrids. They're indestructible, and the best for location work in wooded areas. I, however, long ago became a regular user of the Hustler 4. The arm is generally pristine and, though I was a snob about roundy-round for years, it does get you out of some hairy situations. Our talk made me curious as to how many brethren use the Peewee 4 regularly. I was one of the first to use it when it was first introduced, and although I found the roundy-round feature useful, it tended to stick until it was "broken in" and the sideboard system is a well-known nightmare. Over the last few years, I usually just get a Peewee 3 as a small dolly. It's cheaper on production, and generally works out fine for my needs, cutting out that cart and the repacking drama that comes with it. Interestingly, I had a recent conversation with a fellow Dolly Grip who is using the new Hybrid 4. Bottom line- he ain't a fan. His quick review is that the sideboard system is overly complicated and the RO sucks. This disappoints me, but I'll reserve judgement until I use it myself.  This particular Dolly Grip, while recognized as one of the best in the business, is an old Hybrid 3 user, and may just be unwilling to change (though I value his judgement above most anyone else's).
  Well, I'm off for six or so weeks till the next extravaganza. Keep it on the track.


The Grip Works said...

As another Hybrid 3 fan, I am disappointed to hear that. Was really looking forward to trying out the Hybrid 4. I use the PeeWee 4 a lot. How is the PeeWee 3+ platform system better ? Because I am not a fan of the gazillion platforms. One of the reasons I love the Hybrid 3 is that you need so little by way of platforms and accessories .
D, would like input from anyone here about PeeWee 3+ vs PeeWee 4. I am about to buy one, and the 4 is a LOT more than the 3+

Azurgrip said...

okay, the board system is different, overall weight is more. Roundy Round steering on the 4.

Under the hood, while I find the arm more rigid on the 4, I also find the arm to be slower as there's more piping for the hydraulics to go through.

I'll push to push a 4 on a one dolly show, but generally we use a Hybrid & PW 3+ combo.

I too am disappointed to hear about the Hybrid 4.

D said...

Sanjay- I used the Peewee 4 for years but at some point decided I didn't need it. I just ask for a 3 now with the drop down head and do fine. It keeps you in good with production because it saves them money and you don't have all this crap to haul around. If roundy and a taller steering handle are that important to you, then get the 4. Personally, I would get a 3 and save myself the headaches. Plus, if something goes wrong with it, it's a lot tougher to fix.

The Grip Works said...

Ok ... thats good to know, because its a lot more expensive to buy.