Saturday, November 10, 2007

They're still going.....

I haven't been able to work up the incentive to write about much else lately except the strike. I've been trying to move into commercial land as much as possible lately and I've been lucky enough to stay very busy so the posts have been a little....anemic. I find the whole thing fascinating and have been voraciously following the comments at There was a great war between writers and below the liners a few days ago. I managed to infuriate one so much that he was spitting on his screen. Did I enjoy it? No. I may have even gone too far in baiting a writer who's voluntarily walked out on his job on principle. I just had all I could take of the "Without writers, none of you would have a job" rhetoric, and chose to poke him with a stick until he exploded.
So... I can't think of much to write about with all this chatter going on in the background although I'm open to suggestions. I do have an idea for a post concerning communication problems between director, operators, and Dolly Grips (director wants something, camera operator/ dp wants something else, neither one talks to the other and you're caught in the middle). In absence of information I just do what I want. So that's churning around in my head but hasn't fully formed yet. Any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

i'm new to your blog but you could post how-tos. like a basic beginnger's course in grippin. i mean if you've already done that then of course not. otherwise i think it'd be interesting and helpful. personally.