Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I went and saw "Beowulf" today. I don't remember much about the story from reading it in high school (it's not something I use everyday), but it seemed familiar. There was a monster named Grendel; there was a hero named Beowulf; Beowulf ripped the arm off of Grendel. Things I don't remember from high school are a lot of nakedness and sex talk, which in my opinion did not take away from the story (Angelina Jolie). There is also a comely serving wench who I thought could have used a few more closeups, but what do I know about filmaking? I did enjoy it, especially in 3-D, but I couldn't help feeling that I wished it was a straight live action movie. The cg characters (or whatever they are) lose something in the translation although they are modeled directly from the actors who portray them. A lot of nuance is lost from facial expressions and it ends up looking a lot like an extremely well done video game. An old friend of mine, Robert Presley, was the Director of Photography (whatever that entails) and the visuals were amazingly good. I would ask him more about the technical details, but he stopped returning my calls about two years ago (just kidding, Robert, if you're reading this. Call me if you need a Dolly Grip) Anyway, it's not a bad way to spend an afternoon. Those of you out of work might want to check it out and be transported away for a couple of hours.
I was quoted on one of my favorite blogs, seriocity, by that hellcat Kay. I'm very proud that she didn't call me a bad word (namely the one mentioned in my quote).
Next post, Azurgrip has some things to say so all you up and coming Dolly Grips tired of my voice tune in, he's got some good tips.

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D said...

Interestingly enough, after I wrote this post, the DP from "Beowulf", my old friend Robert, contacted me. We're gonna get together in LA sometime next year.